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Service Description: This resource is a collection of rock chemistry observations compiled by the Missouri Geological Survey. The data are published as a Web feature service, a web map service, an ESRI service endpoint, and as an Excel workbook. The document contains 17 worksheets including resource provider information and the data, which is documented in Whole Rock Major Element, U-Series, Isotope Series, Rare Earth, Volatile Gas and Noble Gas analyte suites. This resource was provided by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geology and Land Survey, Geological Survey Program and made available for distribution through the National Geothermal Data System.

Map Name: MORockChemistry


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Layers: Description: This layer contains chemistry data describing whole rock samples in Missouri, obtained by the AASG for the Geothermal Data Project. The data table includes general information on the location of the well, location uncertainty and remarks as well as chemistry data. Citations are included in the dataset. The SamplingFeatureURI for a particular feature is the cross-referencing link (foreign key) used to associate the well with any other web based information. The data is displayed using symbols chosen to represent the different analyses. Layer files containing the symbology for these data layers can be found in the AASG repository at The original data and metadata can be viewed or downloaded from the AASG repository at

Copyright Text: Missouri Division of Geology and Land Survey, Provided by the Illinois State Geological Survey

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