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Service Description: This web map service (WMS) was published using ArcGIS Server v. 10.1 and is compliant with OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) version 1.3.0 specifications. This service provides dynamic, spatially referenced geographic information using data collected for the National Geothermal Data System ( In addition to the WMS capabilities, this service was designed to be interoperable with KML (Keyhole Markup Language). A KML service allows the client to view an image of the data in three dimensions, using free software available for download on the internet such as ArcGIS Explorer or Google Earth. For more information on OGC specifications, visit

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Layers: Description: Indoor Radon Potential Map of Connecticut, 250K scale. Area radon potentials from computerized spatial analysis (GIS) of bedrock geology, surficial materials and surface radioactivity mapping, with indoor air and bedrock well water radon data. The radon data includes 4,721 homes and 958 bedrock wells tested for radon statewide between years 1985-1995. The testing was conducted by the CT Department of Environmental Protection, CT Department of Public Health, US Geological Survey, University of CT and Stanford Health Department. Thomas, M.A. and McHone, N.A., 1997. Zipped download folder containing Map in TIF, PDF and OVR formats.

The original data and metadata can be viewed or downloaded from the AASG repository at

Copyright Text: Connecticut Geological and Natural History Survey, Provided by the Illinois State Geological Survey

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